Imperial and Royal House of Hohenzollern

The Prussian Royal Family

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The Imperial and Royal House of Hohenzollern is privately funded. What you Donate is what you get from the Prussian Royal Family. Thank you for your support!  -— F.F. Prussia / King Jehovah Hohenzollern  "Ken Pochinko"

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The Seat Of Prussian Kings

Burg Hohenzollern...


The Imperial and Royal House of Hohenzollern represents the Prussian Royal Family that has existed since the creation of the first Empire. Here at Burg Hohenzollern Castle its the permanent seat of the Kings of Prussia and represents the modern day Kingdom of Prussia. We hope to inform you in hopes of a better understanding of InterContinental Prussia and the Prussian Monarchy.

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Berliner Stadtschloss City Palace is located in the heart of Berlin and has an expected completion date of the year 2020.

Babelsberg Palace which is located in Babelsberg Park is one of the permanent homes to the King of Prussia.

Neues Palais is located in Potsdam and is one of the larger more impressive Palaces in the Prussian Empire.

Visiting Prussia you will find a splendeour of magnificence found all about the Prussian Estates.